What Does Sumaiya Mean?

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Something that brings in people to my blog is their hope to find an answer to the question, “What does Sumaiya mean?”. I do not understand how that may be related to my blog unless the name ofcourse, and how my blog ends up in the search result. Or is it that there is actually no satisfactory meaning to my name that it ends up with my blog as one of the results? Well I too for one have searched the meaning of my name but then had to give up. Having heard, “Oh! What a beautiful Arabic name” (I heard the same today too!), nobody knows exactly what it means, other than the fact that it was the name of the first woman martyr in Islam (brutally murdered 😦 ).

I wonder sometimes that in this generation we could say it was her (Sumaiya RAH’s) name, but what did it mean when she was born and named by her parents? Wouldn’t that name have meant something during her lifetime? Or don’t all ancient names have meanings? One definition of my name I liked was “Warrior Princess” mistakenly coined by one of my friend. I had told him it was the name of the first female martyr in Islam and next time he tells you really are a warrior princess! Thankyou J, I am on cloud nine 😀 .

But jokes apart, what does Sumaiya really mean? Think you have the answer or do you want to discuss? There’s no shortage of space to comment..   So all you Sumaiya’s out there, their relatives, friends or going to be parents of the confused little ‘What does my name mean’ baby Sumaiya’s, Comment away! 🙂

Update: This is how Sumaiya is written in Arabic -> سمية


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